Free Download

Downloading your free trial copy of Codename Alvin is easy!  Simply click on a download link below for your operating system.  If the download link you have chosen doesn't work, please let us know at,  then try another!

Platform Version Download Links
Windows 95 / 98 / ME 2.2.5 Click here to download now
Windows XP
2.2.5 Click here to download now

Windows NT /
Windows 2000
2.2.4 Click here to download now

The installation file is approximately 150kb in size and should take under a minute to download using a normal modem connection.  If you prefer you can download a single exe file containing all the files needed to install Alvin in one go - to do this click here.

After the download has completed,  simply run the installation file to install Codename Alvin onto your computer.  The trial version will give you a full opportunity to see the power of Codename Alvin for yourself,  giving access to all available functions.  If you like what you see in the trial version,  you can unlock it online, gaining immediate access to the registered version without an additional download.

Registration costs just $ 19.95, a fraction of the cost of many comparable products,  so why not give the trial version a run today and see what people are really up to on your computer?

Important Note :  As standard,  the installation will create icons in your windows menus for Codename Alvin and its un-install program.   If you wish to maximize security (the person you want to monitor may see the icon),  then delete these icons/links.  You will still be able to start the software manually by locating the file 'cnalvin.exe' on your pc and double clicking it.


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