What Happened To Hotmail ?

Emailing is something that has been out there for quite a long time for all of us and has been providing users with many features for absolutely free of cost at all times. If you have been a part of the internet from the very beginning then you might be aware of Hotmail and how it used to be one of the most popular internet emailing services for a decade or so. Hotmail was released in the year 1996 and ever since then have been a part of a day to day life and as one of the most influential emailing website that has ever been created. With the help of Hotmail people got access to free of cost Gmail emailing services for a lifetime. The way Hotmail.co.uk sign in revolutionized the internet is something that has been a part of our society for a really long time from Hotmail. In my opinion emailing still is one of the most secure forms of messaging that has available for decades to human society. It is also the least data-consuming Form of messaging that is available to the people right now. If you are not already over Hotmail is one of the earliest forms of communication that was made available to the people of the world because of effects and plastic design.

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Hotmail is one of the oldest free to use email and service that was launched by the creators Sabeer Bhatia and Company. The innovative developers decided to go with free to use the business model instead of charging for the services. This free business model guaranteed a large user base to Hotmail and made sure that people get access to free of cost messaging services all around the world. Soon after the release of Hotmail in the United States, they got acquisition offers from the technological Giants in the form of Microsoft who quickly bought out the company without wasting any time. hotmail.co.uk was quickly implemented within the Microsoft ecosystem and made sure that it was provided with enough tweaks which would make sure that people had access to all of the latest features when it was relaunched as MSN HOTMAIL.

Hotmail has seen changes ever since its acquisition by Microsoft who have always preferred the name Outlook over Hotmail for the emailing services. After the acquisition, Hotmail was rebranded as MSN Hotmail then later repositioned again as Hotmail after the failure of MSN. Today the Hotmail brand has been completely dissolved and you would only find the website in the form of Outlook.


Outlook has the dissolved Hotmail and its brand. People with hotmail.com email addresses can still log in to the accounts using the outlook website. Microsoft is not totally ready to dissolve the brand Hence new registrations in the form of outlook.com as well as hotmail.com can still be done Hotmail Inloggen.


It is very unsure if we would be seeing in the near future again but we all know that it played a very important role in making sure that our future internet requirements were met.