Codename Alvin - The Brief

The 'Codename Alvin' project was started following recent media attention regarding safety on the internet,  particularly safety of children surfing the net and using chat rooms.

We all know it is simply not practical to watch your children on the computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  but because of the nature of the Internet you need to know what they are using your computer for in your absence.

It was apparent that although 'professional' monitoring software was available,  many products were priced out of the reach of the general public,  and so Codename Alvin was born,  software designed to allow you to see what your computer is being used for,  whilst maintaining a low price, affordable to everyone.

The Solution

'Codename Alvin' allows the owner of the computer to monitor keyboard, internet, screen and application activity.

The original brief was to allow parents to see what their children were doing on the PC while they were not present.   With Codename Alvin this is now a reality.   A parent can install Alvin on their PC,  then put the software into 'hidden' mode,  whereby any other user (the children in this case) cannot see the software (including by use of the control-alt-delete keys).  In registered mode,  the software is also re-start protected,  so should the computer be restarted,  Alvin will also re-start,  silently, so the user is not aware they are being monitored.  Its not about spying on the kids,  just making sure you know what they are up to!

This allows the parent to start the software,  shut down their pc,  then go to work. Should the children start the PC up while the parent is away,    Alvin will log their activity,  the websites they access,  and their conversation in the chat rooms.

Alternative Uses

As would be expected, many customers are now also using Codename Alvin for alternate uses.

As a low cost, but highly effective tool,  Alvin can be deployed anywhere to monitor any PC workstation.   In the office environment,  managers use Alvin to keep an eye on possible 'problem' staff and find out what they are using their PC for.   Although this could be classed as spying of your staff,  sometimes it is a necessary evil to find out what is going on while the boss is not present.

Alvin is also in use by clients who do not want to hide the software at all,  they just want to simply keep a log of what they have been doing on the net so they can go back later without having to keep tracks while they are working.


Codename Alvin can be turned on and off quickly and easily using a simple menu bar command (assuming you know it is running and have the password!).  If you are the owner of the PC and,  as an example, want to order your wife flowers,  or husband a gift,  you can turn off Codename Alvin while you surf,  re-instating it when you are finished,  keeping your own activities private.

Why not download a free trial copy today and give Codename Alvin a try?


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