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Codename Alvin - PC Super Spy software for Windows
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Welcome to the home of 'Codename Alvin',  the PC Super Spy software for Microsoft Windows.

Codename Alvin,  'PC Super Spy' software for Windows,  has been developed to allow you,  the PC owner,  to monitor what your computer is being used for. Over the years  the technology has changed lot of things in many industries such as electric shavers , cars etc. So we have to stay up to date and see what your employees do.Thats why we created Alvin.

About Codename Alvin

Find out more about Codename Alvin,  why it was developed,  and how it can help you keep an eye on what your children or staff are using your computer for.

Download Free Trial

Download a free trial copy of Alvin to see for yourself the power of the software,  and how easy it is to use. 

Screen Shots

Take a look at screen shots taken from the most important areas of the program,  including the ability to monitor internet activity,  take regular screen shots,  monitor the keyboard,  and check which applications are in use,  and when.


Send us your feedback,  let us know what you think of Codename Alvin,  perhaps you have a suggestion for improvements,  or a question prior to purchase.  Just use our feedback form to contact us.

Register / Purchase

Use the above link to jump to our product registration / purchase page.  Codename Alvin costs just $ 19.95 to register and we accept all major credit cards, checks,  and even alternate payment gateways such as PayPal.  Its a small price to pay to know your children are not surfing sites they shouldn't be in your absence.

Codename Alvin is not simply about internet or key logging spy software,  its about taking control.   If you want to know what is happening on your PC,  you need Codename Alvin.

Affiliate Program

In association with RegNow,  you can sell Codename Alvin from your own website and earn up to 30% in the process!  Click here to sign up (free).

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